Saturday, January 31, 2009

Greetings and Hi, Mom!

Well, it seems that I have succumbed. I have been urged by a good friend of mine for some time to throw my inter-hat into the cyber-ring, and for equally as long a time, I have resisted. Mostly because I’ve been far too busy doing, ya know, diddly jack to actually be bothered to keep a site which would be regularly updated, with things like content and the like. I need to see more films, I’d tell myself. I need to read more books on the subject, I’d remind myself. But then I realized, that perhaps having a place to pour down my thoughts will give me an even greater incentive to watch films and absorb books on the subject, and the blog can grow as I do. Also, instead of posting long diatribes to other blogs/forums where no one wants to read my misguided ranting about all things cinematic, I could simply post them all in one location, where they can all be ignored at once. So, to any of my internet stomping grounds where I ramble endlessly (and nonsensically), consider the formation of this blog an official reprieve (for the most part… an almost official reprieve).

Film has been a great passion of mine my entire life. From my cradle days of E.T., The Wizard of Oz, Yellow Submarine, and Milo and Otis to my slightly more refined current palette, it’s been the one constant in my life (besides inconsistency). My greatest hope with this blog is that it will spur conversation from perspectives more enlightened than my own.

I hope we have a pleasant time discussing the cinema, our most powerful art form and cultural indicator. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow.