Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bloggin' Spielberg

My friend and partner in crime Adam Zanzie and I would like to take this opportunity to announce a little pet project of ours: we'll be hosting a Steven Spielberg blogathon come December. December 18th, to be exact. It will run a full ten days, so that means it ends the 28th, for the mathematically challenged among us (I used a calculator). Anyone and everyone can participate, just please send myself and Adam (or just one of us, if you're lazy) the links to your work when it's published, and I will link to them here as well as on a blog I created specifically for the blogathon (click picture for link).

Also on the blog you will find banners for the blogathon. If you could place them on your own site, I would greatly appreciate it.

Adam Zanzie's email:

My email:

Thanks in advance, everybody.


rob humanick said...

Wait, hold on, I'm checking the math..... yep, $19,000.

James Joyce.

Greg said...

Who's Steven Spielberg?

Ryan Kelly said...

He was William J. Weaver's personal assistant.

Greg said...

Hey, genius, you might want to make it so the link for Adam actually takes you to Adam!

ICEbox. Not IXEbox.

Ryan Kelly said...

You know every time I made a banner I typed it "Ixebox" the first time? Isn't that just cuh-razy?

Greg said...

It's nuts! Absolutely nuts!