Monday, February 21, 2011

The Morality of Noir: Femme Fatale

This is my contribution to For the Love of Film (Noir): The Film Preservation Blogathon, hosted by Marilyn Ferdinand of Ferdy on Films and Farran Nehme of Self-Styled Siren, in what I sincerely hope is becoming a yearly tradition. Be sure to click the button at the bottom of this post and donate what you can - every penny counts. For a poignant (if I do say so myself) reminder of the rich history lost with every destroyed film, read my contribution to last year's blogathon, on the sad fate of many of the films shot in my hometown of Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Brian De Palma's Femme Fatale can be viewed as the director's personal essay on film noir, a great movie artist taking what he responds to most about a genre and applying to it his perspective on morality, ethics, and politics. This is not to say De Palm'a film "elevates" the genre or should be viewed apart from noir in any way - the noir elements recontextualize De Palma, not the other way around. De Palma, so frequently trivialized as a mere Hitchcock plagiarist/imitator, can be thought of as an American Godard as well, in that a considerable element of his artistic identity is analyzing the morality of cinema.

Proper film noir could certainly be viewed as a moral movement in American film - more or less all film noirs deal with people who are rotten to some degree, and many are blatant morality plays - but I feel that can be reductive as it implies that there was some kind of unified aesthetic, which I don't think has ever been the case in mainstream American movies. These stories were told because they were popular for a time, reflecting a desire to be "bad" vicariously within the safe confines of a movie theater; to get a glimpse into a sleazy underworld of detectives, criminals, beautiful women, sex, and violence. With Femme Fatale, De Palma similarly gives us a glimpse into that world, but as is typical of the film maker he forces you to think about what it means to watch.

And the very act of seeing has always been vital to even the weakest of De Palma's films - his elaborate camera work, extensive use of split screens, propensity for depicting voyeurism, and grounding in movie history aren't merely stylistic flourishes, they are examinations of perception, and Femme Fatale contains his greatest ruminations on the subject. Consider the director's often imitated but never equaled use of split screen in an early sequence, where one half of the screen is taken up by the tabloid photographer Nicolas (Antonio Banderas) while he photographs Laure from his balcony, the other taken up by Laure's former accomplices as they watch her through a pair of binoculars from afar. One half of the screen depicts curiosity while the other half depicts resentment and rage; as with everything in life, it's all a matter or perspective.

Femme Fatale is undoubtedly a post-modern noir, a movie very much aware of film noir aesthetics and its place in cinema history. This is established masterfully in the film's opening shot, which shows the main character Laure (Rebecca Romijn, who was a Stamos at the time) watching Billy Wilder's seminal Double Indemnity on French television, and we see Laure's reflection superimposed over that of Barbara Stanwyck's standard setting femme fatale. Though you can't even begin to compare Romijn's acting abilities to that of Stanwyck's - who could literally do it all, and brilliantly - one thing they share is that neither woman is overwhelmingly beautiful, but each exudes sexuality. Watching them cast their feminine spells, one gets the impression that they're the ones in charge (perhaps no actress was ever better at being the sexual aggressor than Stanwyck) To put it bluntly, both chicks know how to work it, though naturally by virtue of working in post-code Hollywood De Palma is able to be much more frank about the film's sexual undercurrents.

Although Femme Fatale is ultimately a serious movie, it opens with De Palma at his most playful, though De Palma when he's playful is still as incisive as it gets. The picture opens with a heist, though the heist doesn't take place at a bank or a casino, but at the Cannes film festival. This sequence is both thrilling and satirical, and it plays as a "fuck you" to the film making establishment that De Palma has always remained on the outskirts of, in spite of his sporadic critical and financial success. The heist itself - of an outfit worn by a film director's date, made of gold that just barely covers her breasts, another hilarious gag that paints the film making establishment as decadently bourgeois - is a brilliant sequence, a visual symphony that showcases De Palma's incredible aesthetic sensibility and his inventive use of camera movement that establishes and explores cinematic space as radically as any director since Carl Dreyer.

What with Laure being cut from the classic femme fatale cloth, she fucks over the people in her gang of criminals and makes off with the loot herself. She disguises herself, is found anyway, and is thrown off a high railing by a pissed off ex-accomplice, and when she hits the ground a couple mistakes her for their troubled, suicidal daughter and takes her home with them. If all this sounds contrived it is, but here De Palma is taking the classic mistaken identity element of film noir and making it genuinely, profoundly existential. She walks around their home, sees pictures of the daughter she has been mistaken for, in effect getting a glimpse into a life. Again, it is the very act of seeing portrayed as a reflection of human experience.

And this is the point when the film dives down the rabbit hole, morphing from thriller to metaphysical examination of existence that invites comparison to David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. Laure falls asleep in the bathtub and dreams that the real daughter comes home to kill herself, and she observes her suicide and follows through on stealing her identity, in effect transforming herself into another human being. She takes the dead girl's plane ticket to the United States, and as it turns out the plane was overbooked so she moves to first class where she winds up seated next to a kind, wealthy American, who she proceeds to marry. This is where De Palma begins exploring the concept of fate, which will play a vital role in the remainder of the picture.

Flash forward seven years - the wealthy American that Laure (who now goes by Lily) married has become the American ambassador to France (in a touch typical of the politically charged De Palma, there are implications that he purchased the Ambassadorship), so she finds herself back in France and doing everything she can to hide her identity, lest her ex-accomplices find her ("Bad people read newspapers, too", she remarks late in the film). An interested party calls on Nicolas to find a way to take her photograph, and he manages to sneak a picture of her by pretending to have been hit by the Ambassador's car, which ignites a cat and mouse game between the two.

And naturally this interplay between the two becomes not just a battle of the sexes but a battle of sex itself, culminating in a sexually charged fever dream that allows De Palma to put on full display the themes of latent sexuality that true noir had to mask. After taking her picture Nicolas tracks Laure down in a hotel room and finds her with a pistol, and tries to stop her from committing suicide; he convinces himself that she's a damsel in distress and he's her savior, but really she's one step ahead of him and manipulating him every step of the way - in typical De Palma fashion, the woman is the one in charge and the man is powerless, in effect emasculated. Laure never planned to kill herself, she wanted him to take the gun away from her, and the moment he steps out onto the streets she calls the police, reports a bogus crime, and has him arrested. The hopelessly masculine desire to save the beautiful woman blows up in Nicolas' face.

While he was under arrest, Laure sends an e-mail from Nicolas' computer to her husband telling him that she's been kidnapped and demands a ten million dollar ransom for her return. He comes home and discovers this, and realizes that he's essentially fucked and has no choice but to go along with her plan. He meets her on a bridge overlooking the Parisian skyline, and she uses her sexuality in an attempt to lure him into going along with her plan. She takes him to a bar, and in this sequence De Palma fully explores the themes of emasculation and voyeurism, depicting sex itself as an expression of gender power dynamics, hostility, and attraction. Once again, Laure uses the masculine desire to protect against Nicolas, putting herself in a position where a man will be forceful with her so Nicolas can step in to save her. He beats up the would-be rapist, and then proceeds to have aggressive sex with Laure - she thinks he's fallen into her trap, and he thinks she's fallen into his, as he records her saying that the whole kidnapping plot was her idea.

On the bridge, with Nicolas in kidnapper attire, the Ambassador arrives with a briefcase full of cash, and Nicolas tries to explain the truth of what's happening. Laure shoots the Ambassador and turns around and shoots Nicolas, and as she walks over to Nicolas to shoot him one more time, her ex-accomplices grab her and, as they did in the beginning, throw her over the railing. As it did the first time, being thrown from a high distance begets a rebirth, as she lands in the river and is suddenly naked, and it's clear that she's not actually in the river but in the bathtub once again. This is a deeply, profoundly spiritual moment - a linking of life, death, and dreams that examines the infinite depth of a single instant.

Laure awakes in the bathtub suddenly, as every movie character in history does from a nightmare. Once again, the real Lily comes in to kill herself, but only this time Laure stops her and informs her that, in spite of how awful things may seem, a great life awaits her - all she has to do is get on that plane. Laure needed to see how awful things would get before she made the moral decision to change her life, to not indulge her desire to fuck over everyone, to cease being an archetypal femme fatale and to become a true human being. While the film acknowledges fate as a spiritual precept, De Palma also seems to be saying that we're ultimately the ones in control of our destiny - Laure writes Lily's future by telling her to get on the plane, and ultimately her commitment to changing her ways will bring her to her true love, Nicolas, who is the only character in the movie who has proved to be her intellectual (and sexual) equal.

Femme Fatale is simultaneously De Palma paying homage to film noir and expanding it by expressly highlighting the moral, political, sexual, and spiritual elements of it. De Palma has always been a director with an aesthetic deeply rooted in genre and film history, and Femme Fatale may contain his most pronounced analysis of each, as the genre is a perfect vehicle for his sensibilities. By looking to cinema's past, De Palma found an eminently beautiful way to relate out history to our present.


David Steece said...


Great review of 'Femme Fatale.' I liked it, but did not love it, upon first viewing—though your review really makes me want to see it again.
I realize now after reading your post, that most so-called Neo-Noir pushes the unhappy ending into greater extremes (Body Heat, Chinatown, Reservoir Dogs, Mulholland Dr.) while De Palma gives his character a chance at Existential authenticity AND a happy ending.
In a way he's more subversive; they're all just exaggerating an effect that Noir had perfected. De Palma goes further.

Ryan Kelly said...

That's a great point on the ending, and I think De Palma kind of manages to have it both ways by exploring the dark subtexts in the dream sequence, and then the character coming to the realization that all this is so messed up, and wrong, and then changing her ways. It puts the immorality of noir in, I think, a very meaningful context.

Thanks for the kind words, and I'd consider it a great honor if I encouraged you to check out the movie again.

Adam Zanzie said...

This review makes for a nice companion piece to your Mission to Mars review, Ryan. You've done a better job than anyone I know in evaluating the first two De Palma films of the 21st century. I know you don't care much for The Black Dahlia, but you ought to do that one next! You're on a streak, man.

Femme Fatale is sort of a weird movie for me to critique. You know how you feel about Blow Out? That's how I kind of feel about Femme Fatale. I love it, but there are things about it that bug me. It's an undeniably great movie, but, in my opinion, the worst parts of it are actually the two bookending sequences. With the exception of the clever opening shot, I don't dig the heist sequence at the beginning, which feels curiously devoid of the high-pitched suspense we expect from De Palma. As for the final sequence, although I think the "twist" at the end is neat and that the cosmic joke of Laure's enemies getting killed in a freak accident is an added pleasure, I don't care much for Laure hooking up with the photographer at the end. That's just too contrived for me.

I once asked Tieman how he feels about that specific element of the movie's happy ending. He told me that he thinks De Palma ends the movie that way because he's proving to his critics that he can end it that way. As you write in your review, noirs often end unhappily, but De Palma wants to see something different. Maybe, in a way, Spielberg also does with Minority Report, although I think Spielberg's film is slightly better because there's a burdensome weight to John Anderton's victory--Washington D.C. winds up with a crippled justice system. On the contrary, the ending of Femme Fatale has no weight to it. Both films are noirs, but because the ending of Femme Fatale is an all-around happy one, I can't help but wonder if the 100% happiness of it is somewhat anti-noir.

This next point of mine isn't a criticism of the film, exactly, but... what if Antonio Banderas and Peter Coyote had switched roles? Maybe it's because I don't think too much of Banderas as an actor, but I actually feel that Rebecca Romijn has much better chemistry with Coyote (in the few scenes she has with him) than she does in all of her scenes with Banderas, minus the aggressive sex scene in which they obviously do connect. Banderas and Romijn are at their best in the film when they're trying to take advantage of each other, which you've mentioned here. But I think it's when De Palma finally grants them paradise that the magic dies down.

Much of this might be due to me only having seen the film once. Femme Fatale is, for me, the strangest experience I've ever had watching a De Palma movie since The Bonfire of the Vanities. A lot of things feel odd about it, but ultimately it's so provocative and so intriguing that it elevates itself above the average Hollywood trainwreck, and probably would hold up with repeated viewings. This piece of yours is not only one of the best published in the Film Noir Blogathon, it's also a signal that De Palma's talent for great noir is sadly underrated.

Ryan Kelly said...

Ha, neat that you think of it as a "companion" review, and you putting it that way definitely does make it a tantalizing prospect to tackle The Black Dahlia, which I do like quite a bit - though not as much as I like this and Mission to Mars - and warm up to more and more each time I see it. It's definitely a movie that plays better and better for me the more I watch it, and writing this I felt a lot of similar things could be said about The Black Dahlia.

I actually don't think the purpose of the heist sequence is to be exciting - I think it aims to be somewhat playful and satirical (I love how most of it takes place over the opening credits of East/West) and kind of cosmic. The conclusion for what is going to happen is foregone anyway as the girl wearing the outfit is Laure's girlfriend. So I can agree that it's not exciting or suspenseful, but I don't think that's the purpose it serves.

As for the ending, well, that's really what elevates it for me, but I'm known to be something of a sap. It's all part of that films cosmic perspective that I was talking about, and it's really where it slams home the theme of fate - the thing with the light reflecting in the driver's eyes because of the necklace Lily gave her is, I think, a brilliant touch. And it all ties in with the overriding theme of morality, because if Laure hadn't changed her ways and saved Lily, Lily wouldn't have given the necklace to the driver and her girlfriend would have been killed. And her getting with Banderas works for me because, again, they were really shown to be intellectual and sexual equals during the dream portion of the movie. And I love Banderas, in this and pretty much everything,and can't really picture anyone else in the role. But then for me Femme Fatale is pretty close to perfection.

And you know I love Bonfire of the Vanities as well, so that right there may say everything you need to know about the extent of my De Palma fanboy-osity.

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